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"The Pathless: Engaging action-adventure iOS game with a skilled archer and her eagle companion on a mystical quest to restore a cursed land. 🏹🦅 #iOSgames"
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Jul 22, 2023
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iOS 13.0 or later.
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The Pathless for iOS is a captivating action-adventure game where players assume the role of an expert archer and her loyal eagle companion. Together, they embark on a mystical quest to restore a cursed land by solving puzzles, engaging in fluid acrobatics, and forming a unique bond with the eagle. With its stunning visuals and engaging gameplay, The Pathless provides an immersive experience for players on iOS devices.

Main Features of The Pathless

The Pathless is an action-adventure video game developed by Giant Squid Studios, known for its captivating gameplay, stunning visuals, and unique mechanics. Released on various platforms, including iOS, it offers players an enchanting journey through a mystical world. Here are the main features that make The Pathless an exceptional gaming experience:

Open World Exploration: The game presents a vast and beautifully crafted open world for players to explore. As a skilled archers, players are free to roam and discover the secrets of the mysterious island they find themselves on.

Fluid Movement and Acrobatics: Players can seamlessly move through the world using parkour-inspired acrobatics. The archer can sprint, glide, and leap effortlessly, making traversal a joy as they navigate lush forests, ancient ruins, and other breathtaking environments.

Archery Gameplay: The primary mechanic revolves around archery. Players must master their bow and arrow skills to hit targets, solve puzzles, and engage in thrilling boss battles. The game’s fluid and intuitive archery mechanics add depth and excitement to the gameplay.

Loyal Eagle Companion: The archer is accompanied by a loyal eagle companion, which plays a crucial role in the game. Players can command the eagle to soar through the skies, assist in traversal, and help in puzzle-solving. The bond between the archer and her eagle deepens throughout the journey.

Puzzles and Mysteries: The Pathless offers a variety of puzzles and mysteries to solve. These challenges are intelligently integrated into the world and often require a combination of archery skills and eagle cooperation. Solving puzzles rewards players with progress and unlocks new areas.

Engaging Narrative: The game features an intriguing and emotional storyline. Players will encounter ancient spirits scattered across the island and learn about their history while uncovering the secrets behind the curse that has befallen the land.

Unique Art Style and Visuals: The Pathless boasts a striking art style with vibrant colors and atmospheric lighting, creating a visually captivating experience. The world is brought to life with intricate details and breathtaking landscapes.

Dynamic Soundtrack: The game’s immersive world is further enhanced by an enchanting and dynamic soundtrack. The music responds to the player’s actions, complementing the gameplay and creating a more immersive atmosphere.

Boss Battles: Players will face off against colossal and challenging bosses, testing their archery and problem-solving skills. These epic encounters provide memorable moments in the game.

Replayability: The Pathless offers replay value with its collectibles, secrets, and optional challenges scattered throughout the world. Players can return to previous areas to uncover hidden content, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Some Pros and Cons of The Pathless


  • Stunning visuals
  • Fluid movement
  • Engaging archery gameplay
  • Loyal eagle companion
  • Captivating storyline
  • Unique art style


  • Repetitive at times
  • Limited enemy variety
  • Short gameplay duration
  • Sparse character development
  • Puzzles can be simplistic
  • No fast travel option

How to use

To make the most of The Pathless iOS game and fully enjoy its enchanting experience, follow these steps:

  • Download and Install: Visit the App Sonics on your iOS device, search for “The Pathless,” and download the game. Ensure you have sufficient storage space and a stable internet connection for a smooth installation.
  • Familiarize with Controls: Take some time to get accustomed to the game’s controls. The touch-screen interface allows you to perform various actions, such as moving the archer, aiming, shooting arrows, and commanding the eagle.
  • Immerse Yourself in the Story: Pay attention to the game’s narrative as it unfolds. Engage with the spirits, learn about the island’s history, and understand the curse that plagues the land. The emotional storyline is an integral part of the game’s appeal.
  • Master Archery and Eagle Skills: Practice using the touch controls to perform precise archery shots and master the eagle’s commands. The archer and her eagle’s bond are central to the gameplay, so honing these skills will enhance your experience.
  • Explore the Beautiful World: The Pathless offers a stunning open world filled with breathtaking landscapes. Take your time to explore forests, ruins, and other areas. Discover hidden secrets and collectibles scattered throughout the island.
  • Solve Puzzles and Challenges: Engage in the game’s puzzles, which often require a combination of archery skills and eagle cooperation. Use your creativity and problem-solving abilities to conquer these challenges.
  • Face Epic Boss Battles: Prepare for challenging encounters with massive bosses. Observe their patterns and weaknesses to devise effective strategies for victory.
  • Experience the Art and Sound: The game’s unique art style and dynamic soundtrack contribute to its immersive atmosphere. Pay attention to the details and allow yourself to be immersed in the game’s world.
  • Utilize iCloud Save: If you play The Pathless on multiple iOS devices, take advantage of iCloud save functionality. This ensures that your progress is synchronized across devices, allowing you to continue your adventure seamlessly.
  • Enjoy the Portability: One of the advantages of The Pathless on iOS is its portability. Take advantage of this feature and enjoy the game on the go, whether during your daily commute or while relaxing at home.
  • Stay Updated: Check for updates regularly, as developers may release patches and new content to improve the game’s experience and fix any issues.


If you’re looking for alternatives to The Pathless on iOS, there are several other captivating action-adventure games with unique gameplay and engaging narratives. Here are some noteworthy options:

Journey: Immerse yourself in a beautifully crafted world as a robed traveler, exploring vast deserts and ancient ruins. The game focuses on online multiplayer interactions, allowing you to meet other players and communicate non-verbally to achieve your objectives.

Sky: Children of the Light**: Embark on an emotional journey through a breathtaking world, solving puzzles and uncovering the mysteries of the kingdom. This social adventure game allows you to team up with friends or meet new players while spreading light and restoring hope.

Monument Valley 2: Delve into an enchanting world of optical illusions and mind-bending puzzles. Guide a mother and her child through a captivating journey filled with Escher-like architecture and stunning visuals.

Oceanhorn: Embark on a classic action-adventure quest as a young hero searching for his father and confronting the sea monster, Oceanhorn. This game draws inspiration from The Legend of Zelda series and offers a rich world to explore.

Inside: Experience a haunting and atmospheric adventure as a young boy in a dark and mysterious world. Navigate through puzzles and evade dangers to uncover the secrets that lie ahead.

Gris: Immerse yourself in a visually striking and emotionally charged journey of a young girl dealing with grief. This platformer offers unique puzzles and a touching narrative delivered without any text or dialogue.

Forgotten Anne: Enter the charming and hand-drawn world of the Forgotten Lands, where everyday objects come to life. This puzzle platformer features a captivating story, meaningful choices, and memorable characters.

Genshin Impact: Explore a vast open world in this action RPG, where you play as a “Traveler” with elemental powers. Discover a diverse landscape, complete quests, and engage in real-time combat while forming a party of characters with unique abilities.

Severed: Venture into a dark and surreal world as a one-armed warrior in search of her family. Engage in touch-based combat, solve puzzles, and uncover the mysteries of this haunting adventure.

Botanicula: Embark on an enchanting point-and-click adventure with a group of whimsical creatures on a quest to save their tree’s last seed. The game features delightful animations, quirky characters, and imaginative puzzles.

Final Words of The Pathless

The Pathless for iOS delivers a mesmerizing adventure, where skilled archery and a loyal eagle companion lead players through a captivating and emotional journey. With stunning visuals and engaging gameplay, it offers an unforgettable experience on the go. Embark on this mystical quest to restore the cursed land and forge a deep bond with your eagle in this enchanting mobile gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is The Pathless available for other platforms?  

   Yes, The Pathless was initially released for multiple platforms, including PlayStation, PC, and iOS. Players can enjoy the game on their iOS devices through the App Store.

Q: Is an internet connection required to play The Pathless on iOS?

   No, The Pathless can be played offline on iOS devices once it is downloaded and installed. An internet connection is only required for downloading the game and any updates.

Q: How long does it take to complete The Pathless on iOS?

   The game’s duration can vary depending on the player’s playstyle and exploration. On average, completing the main storyline may take around 6 to 10 hours, but additional time may be spent on optional content and collectibles.

Q: Can I use a controller to play The Pathless on iOS?

   Yes, The Pathless supports MFi (Made for iPhone/iPad) controllers on iOS devices, allowing players to have a more traditional gaming experience if they prefer physical controls over touch-screen input.

Q: Does The Pathless have in-app purchases on iOS?

   No, The Pathless is a premium game on iOS, which means there are no in-app purchases or microtransactions. Players only need to pay for the game upfront, and they can enjoy the full experience without any additional purchases.


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1. Tap the downloaded The Pathless iOS Download Free for iOS Latest Version iPhone & iPad APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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