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PicsArt++ iPA: Enhanced version of PicsArt photo editing app for iOS. Enjoy advanced features and editing tools to level up your creativity! 🎨📸
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June 12, 2023
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iOS 12.0 or later
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PicsArt++ iPA is an upgraded version of the popular photo editing app, PicsArt, for iOS. It offers advanced features and editing tools, allowing users to unleash their creativity and enhance their photos to a whole new level. With a wide range of editing options, filters, and effects, PicsArt++ iPA provides an immersive and enjoyable photo editing experience for iOS users.

Main Features of PicsArt++ iPA

PicsArt++ iPA is a feature-rich photo editing app for iOS that offers a wide range of tools and functionalities to enhance your images. Here are its main features:

Advanced Editing Tools: PicsArt++ iPA provides a comprehensive set of editing tools, including crop, rotate, resize, and perspective adjustments, giving you full control over your photos.

Creative Filters and Effects: The app offers an extensive collection of filters, effects, and overlays to add artistic flair to your images. From vintage styles to modern aesthetics, there’s something for every mood and theme.

AI-Powered Tools: PicsArt++ iPA includes AI-powered tools like AI Background Eraser and AI Portrait Effects, making it easier to remove backgrounds or create stunning portrait enhancements effortlessly.

Collage and Photo Remix: Create captivating collages and photo remixes by combining multiple images. The app offers various templates and customization options to craft unique photo compositions.

Brushes and Drawing Tools: Express your creativity with a wide array of brushes and drawing tools. Use them to doodle, sketch, or add artistic elements to your photos.

Text and Sticker Customization: Personalize your images with customizable text and a vast library of stickers. PicsArt++ iPA allows you to adjust text styles, colors, and sizes, as well as add fun and expressive stickers to your photos.

Double Exposure and Blending Modes: Experiment with double exposure and blending modes to merge images and create stunning visual effects.

Photo and Video Collage: In addition to image collages, the app allows you to create captivating video collages, bringing your memories to life.

Creative Challenges and Community: Participate in creative challenges and connect with a community of artists and photographers, inspiring each other and showcasing your work.

Export and Social Sharing: PicsArt++ iPA allows you to save your edited images in high resolution and share them directly to social media platforms or messaging apps to wow your friends and followers.

Ad-Free Experience: Enjoy an ad-free editing experience with PicsArt++ iPA, ensuring uninterrupted creativity and seamless navigation.

Regular Updates and Improvements: The app regularly receives updates with new features and enhancements, ensuring a continually evolving and improved user experience.

Some Pros and Cons of PicsArt++ iPA


  • Advanced editing features.
  • Wide range of filters/effects.
  • AI-powered tools.
  • Creative collage options.
  • Customizable stickers and text.
  • Vibrant artistic community.


  • The learning curve for beginners.
  • Some features may require purchase.
  • Occasional app stability issues.
  • Frequent updates may be disruptive.
  • Some premium features are costly.

How to use

Using PicsArt++ iPA to edit and enhance your photos is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use the app:

  • Download and Install: First, Visit your device’s App Sonics, and search for “PicsArt++ iPA.” Download and install the app.
  • Launch the App: Open PicsArt++ iPA by tapping on its icon from your home screen.
  • Select or Capture an Image: Choose an image from your device’s gallery that you want to edit or use the app’s camera function to capture a new photo.
  • Explore Editing Tools: Once you have your photo, explore the various editing tools available in PicsArt++ iPA. These may include crop, rotate, perspective, brightness, contrast, saturation, and more. Experiment with different adjustments to achieve your desired look.
  • Apply Filters and Effects: Enhance your photo’s visual appeal by applying filters and effects. PicsArt++ iPA offers a diverse range of options, from subtle enhancements to artistic transformations. Select the one that best complements your photo’s style and theme.
  • Use AI-Powered Tools (Optional): If you want to remove backgrounds or add portrait effects effortlessly, take advantage of the AI-powered tools available in PicsArt++ iPA. The AI Background Eraser and AI Portrait Effects can save time and produce stunning results.
  • Add Text and Stickers: Personalize your photo by adding text and stickers. Personalize the text by choosing from a variety of fonts, colors, and sizes to create a unique and custom look. Explore the extensive sticker library to find the perfect elements to express your creativity.
  • Create Collages and Remixes: If you want to combine multiple images, use the collage and photo remix features. Choose from various templates and customize the arrangement to create unique compositions.
  • Draw and Doodle (Optional): Unleash your artistic side by using the drawing tools to doodle and add hand-drawn elements to your photo.
  • Save and Share: Once you are satisfied with your edits, save the image in high resolution. PicsArt++ iPA allows you to directly share your edited photos to social media platforms or messaging apps to showcase your creations to friends and followers.
  • Engage with the Community: Connect with other artists and photographers by participating in creative challenges and exploring the work of fellow PicsArt++ iPA users.


If you’re looking for alternative photo editing apps with similar or complementary features to PicsArt++ iPA, here are some popular options:

Adobe Photoshop Express: From the creators of Photoshop, this app offers a comprehensive set of editing tools, filters, and effects. It’s great for both basic and advanced photo editing needs.

VSCO: VSCO is known for its high-quality filters and film-like presets, making it a favorite among photographers and enthusiasts who appreciate a clean and minimalist aesthetic.

Snapseed: Developed by Google, Snapseed provides powerful editing tools with precise control over adjustments. It’s particularly popular for enhancing the details and colors of images.

Afterlight: This app offers a combination of filters, textures, and frames for creative edits. It’s user-friendly and suitable for enhancing photos for social media sharing.

Enlight Photofox: Enlight Photofox is an advanced editing app with features like double exposures, blending modes, and artistic effects, allowing for more creative freedom.

Canva: While primarily a graphic design app, Canva offers photo editing tools for simple enhancements and adding text overlays, making it useful for creating social media graphics.

Pixlr: Pixlr provides a variety of filters, effects, and editing tools. It’s available in both mobile and web versions, offering flexibility for editing on different devices.

Fotor: Fotor offers a range of editing features, filters, and collage templates. It’s a versatile app suitable for both quick fixes and creative edits.

Procreate Pocket: Though primarily a drawing app, Procreate Pocket also allows for photo editing and manipulation with advanced brush tools and layer support.

Prisma: Prisma is unique in its ability to turn photos into art with various artistic filters inspired by famous artists and art styles.

Final Words of PicsArt++ iPA

PicsArt++ iPA offers a powerful and creative photo editing experience for iOS users. With its advanced tools, filters, and effects, it allows you to transform your photos into stunning masterpieces. Unleash your creativity and elevate your photography with PicsArt++ iPA. Happy editing! 🎨📸

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is PicsArt++ iPA available on the official app store?

PicsArt++ iPA is not available on the official app store. It may require downloading from third-party sources due to its modified nature.

Q: Is PicsArt++ iPA safe to use on my iOS device?

Using third-party apps like PicsArt++ iPA carries some risks. Ensure you download it from a reputable source and use caution when granting permissions.

Q: Can I use PicsArt++ iPA for free?

Yes, PicsArt++ iPA is typically available for free, offering advanced features and tools without requiring a subscription or payment.

Q: Does PicsArt++ iPA work on all iOS devices?

PicsArt++ iPA is designed to work on iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads. However, compatibility may vary based on the version and device model.

Q: Can I get official support for PicsArt++ iPA issues?

As a third-party modified version, official support for PicsArt++ iPA may not be available. Community forums and online resources may help with troubleshooting.


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How to install PicsArt++ iPA Download Free for iOS Latest Version iPhone & iPad APK?

1. Tap the downloaded PicsArt++ iPA Download Free for iOS Latest Version iPhone & iPad APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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